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CC Ultimate Client Manager - CRM - Pro Edition

The most complete and easy to use open source Invoice, Customer and Project management system available for companies and freelancers. Features rival some of the other biggest software providers on the market. Host the application on your own website or in house server. Pay once, free upgrades forever!


This system runs on your own hosting server, this can be an in-house server or just on your own website (like I have it).

PHP 5.3 (will run on 5.2 but 5.3 is recommended)
MySQL database
Lots of client information that you would love to keep in one place
A web server (preferably Linux Apache, it will probably NOT work on a Windows hosting account – although people report it does)
PHP with cURL enabled (so that automated updates and installation works) ask your hosting provider
This script will most likely not work on hosting accounts that have PHP “safe_mode” enabled. safe_mode is an old feature and it causes lots of problems with this script.
PHP with IMAP functions enabled (for newsletter system and ticketing system) ask your hosting provider
A public facing website (eg: yourwebsite.com/admin_system/) if you want to use payment processing (eg: paypal)
.htaccess mod_rewrite is nice to have, if you get 404 errors then ask your hosting provider to enable ”.htaccess mod_rewrite” or go into config.php and change _REWRITE_LINKS from true to false

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