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TF Developr - Fully Responsive Admin Skin

Building a web app for desktop and mobile devices? Developr is for you. Write your code once, and let it handle the magic of responsive webdesign. Developr Admin skin is a flexible responsive HTML5/CSS3 template, built on the mobile-first principle and based on the solid fundations of HTML5 Boilerplate and 320andUp, which provides a rich set of styles and features for all your needs.

  • Automatic template setup: all your plugins fired automatically, everywhere
  • Responsive changes events and control methods
  • Innovative size change events
  • Most plugins use inline options for shorter and smarter code
  • Navigable menus (like iOS configuration menus)
  • 6 different ways to display information to user:
    • Complete notification system, with ability to use browser’s desktop notifications when available
    • Messages styles and API
    • Powerful modal window with replacement for default alert, confirm and prompt
    • Flexible and highly customizable tooltips
    • Confirmation tooltip on links and buttons, just by adding a class
    • Information bubbles to provide help to the user
  • Custom scroll (touch compatible)
  • New! Content panels
  • Flexible and customizable sliders and progress bars, with a complete API and 70+ options
  • Auto-resizing textareas
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Compatible with IE7+ and all modern browsers

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